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Akame: Сourt story

My best art of Akame. Love this Au-idea.
Was made for akafest in july 2010.

The Prince and his jester


Мой волшебный мир в анимации

И как было бы замечательно сидеть на скамейке и кормить голубей в листопадный солнечный день...

Получить свой волшебный мир в анимации.

Art: Tegoshi Yuya

New art of Tegoshi.
Love his hair!

(click to enlarge)


Art^ Little Tego

Little cute Tegoshi.
I like his shy smile here. ^///^
And little Massu.


Graphic arts

Some graphic arts of NEWS members - Yamapi, Ryo and Tegoshi.
I love the guys!  


Akame - Aishiteru Kara

My favourite fanart of Akame. This is the way i see and feel Kame's song Aishiteru Kara.
(it was made for Kamenashi's BD)


Tegomass Paper-children

Tegomass Paper-children!




Paper Child - Hiro Jae Joong

The best paper child in my collection - Hiro Jae Joong!!!

A scaned pic one:

The "real" version of chibi:

Tanabata Matsuri - Tegomasu art

Tanabata Matsuri with Tegomass is the best!
I felt in love with the boys when I saw them wearing this outfits ^^ Kawaii!
This is actually my first drawing of the pair.